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Teeth. Plaque Conspiracy. Metallica

This site will expose a conspiracy. Teeth. The Plaque conspiracy. Metallica. I love teeth. My teeth shine. they dont look brown or yellow or have rings of blood. I love metallica. What an awesome band. But I hate conspiracies but I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I like teeth. The plaque conspiracy on your teeth. Plaque wants to turn your teeth into holes. Ouch. Holes called cavities. Bugs crawl into those holes. they are called Plaque and germs. Darn. Ouch. But that's ok. My tooth brush has bristles.

My favorite metallica song is King Nothing. Awesome!!!

But I really like my tooth. And my other tooth. But there is a plaque conspiracy. The crap on your teeth wants to make holes in them and then you will have gingivitis. Darn germs.

And the moral of the story is....... don't do everything television makes you think you should do. Teeth!! Metallica! plaque conspiracy! Hoo hoooooo!

And the other moral is. Some stupid girls will make a website about anything! Even nothing! And not even be funny while doing it! I am not affiliated with any TV shows. If I were I'd be RICH!

P. S. Do you have a website? Why not link to this great awe inspiring Teeth Plaque Conspiracy Metallica website??? Well... you were gullable enough to VISIT it weren't you??? tee hee!!!

P.S. AGAIN: well you came this far. Why not check out my funny page of random jokes???? Yes. It's as dull looking as this one....but where else can you find a page of jokes that change every time you reload the page??? LOTS Of places. But that's besides the point. Oh crap. I forgot to put a link to it. Have a nice day. Teeth! Plaque conspiracy. Metallica!!!!!

P.S. AGAIN AGAIN: It just occured to me. I don't need a link to my "random joke" page. The jokes are below!!!! Look down!

Ooops! No they aren't!! Forward this page to a friend! What did you say???? Watch your filthy mouth! See? Filthy mouth! Teeth. Plaque conspiracy. Madonna. Madonna?

look how many people typed "Teeth Plaque conspiracy metallica!!! You thought you were the ONLY one??? Ho ho!!!